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Many companies provide medical billing services, and like Cape Medical Billing Corp,  these companies promise to help their clients:


  • Improve charge capture

  • Increase accuracy in claims filing

  • Receive fewer denials from insurance carriers

  • Decrease days in accounts receivable


In reality, many billing companies are most interested in getting clients to sign lengthy contracts that lock them into a long-term committments.


At CMB, we have been able to consistently produce positive outcomes for our 




clients because we subscribe to a unique business approach and client relationship philosophy.  


We follow a holistic approach with each client.  Top performing practices are those in which the delivery of health care services and the revenue cycle activities necessary to receive payment for these services operate hand in hand like a well-oiled machine. We have discovered that such organizations, more often than not, operate in the "sweet spot" for financial success at the convergence of the four pillars of medical practice administration: Governance, People, Process and Technology.


The billing process is impacted by key touchpoints that span the entire practice from front desk check-in through the visit check-out, so we help our clients examine and potentially revise their processes, procedures and workflows.  We want to ensure your group's revenue potential is not negatively impacted by broken processes, bottlenecks in workflows or other inefficiencies. 






“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

We start by getting the right people on the bus. Through researching the characteristics of top performing medical billing staff across the nation, we've developed knowledge and personality assessments that test for the key traits necessary for success in the medical billing field.  All potential CMB candidates undergo these assessments as part of the job interview process, and these tools have helped us hire and retain high-quality staff who know how to get the job done for our clients.  


We believe it is our obligation to produce measurable improvements for our clients.  If we can't produce measurable improvements in your key revenue cycle metrics, we don't deserve your business.  Baseline and ongoing measurement of key performance indicators, coupled with benchmarking our clients’ performance to industry standards, is the only way we can help you accurately answer questions such as:


1) How is my practice performing today compared to last month/quarter/year?

2) How is my practice performing compared to my peers across the nation?

3) How should my practice be performing based on industry benchmarks for top performers?


We follow a well-defined, proven approach.  Our method and approach to medical billing is ingrained in our staff during their initial training. We have defined processes and protocols for filing and actually working claims, which allows us to produce predictable outcomes for our clients. 


We work with your existing software.  We virtually eliminate up front costs for our clients by not requiring you to purchase new billing software or make expensive upgrades to your IT infrastructure.  Using the latest advancements in remote connectivity technology, we set up a HIPAA-compliant, secure remote connection to your practice management system and electronic medical records system which allows us to provide our services in a seamless fashion, whether you're located next door or halfway across the country.   




People - Hire and retain the right people, in the right place, in the right number, equipped with the right training to deliver high quality service. 


Process - Analyze, implement, evaluate and modify continuously. 


Technology - Implement robust technology to support efficiency and effectiveness.


Governance - Define roles and policies and apply them fairly. 

We understand the challenges and needs of today's medical practices.  CMB is not a Fortune 500 company.  We aren't a subsidiary of a publicly-traded corporate giant.  Our company was formed by a medical practice administrator and a group of five general surgeons who understand the challenges independent medical practices face as well as the unique needs of today's group practices.  When you partner with us, you're working with an organization that lives and breathes the pursuit of best practices in medical practice management.  


We are a small firm, and we intentionally keep our client list small.  With CMB, you're not just another account in a sea of clients. We'll quickly get to know each other on a first name basis because we develop a close working relationship with each client that simply would not be possible if we were a large corporation with thousands of clients.  When you call our office, you won't have to recite an account number, key in a customer code or navigate three levels of automated telephone menus before getting to a live person. A real person answers our telephone and can promptly connect you with one of our billing representatives. 


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